How to get Technical Information of a Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth devices have become an integral part of our day to day life. We are using Bluetooth devices like Speaker, Headset, Home Theatre, Keyboard, Mouse in our day to day activities. We started to love Bluetooth devices as it avoids messy physical wires.

Each Bluetooth device has technical information like MAC Address, Profiles supported, UUID. Bluetooth Device’s technical information can be grabbed using an Android Application – Bluetooth Devices Info in Google Play Store.

The Android Application provides essential technical information of a Bluetooth Device like

  • Bluetooth Device Name
  • MAC Address
  • Bluetooth Device Type
  • List of Bluetooth Profiles supported by the Bluetooth Device.
  • List of UUIDs.

Screenshot of the Android application displaying technical details of Boat Stone 200.undefined

  • Bluetooth Device Name
    Name assigned to the Bluetooth device by Manufacturer.
  • MAC Address
    MAC Address is a unique 48-bit address assigned to Bluetooth Device. It is usually represented as a 6-byte hexadecimal address separated by a colon. The first three bytes of MAC address is Organizationally Unique Identifier(OUI) which represents the manufacturer of the Bluetooth Device and the second three bytes of MAC address is assigned by the manufacturer to the Bluetooth Device.

    MAC Address of Boat Stone 200 mentioned above in the screenshot is “FC:58:FA:C8:1D:FC“. The first three bytes “FC:58:FA” represents the organization “Shen Zhen Shi Xin Zhong Xin Technology Co., Ltd.”
  • Bluetooth Device Type
    Bluetooth devices are of three types: Classic, Low Energy (LE) & Dual-Mode. For further information on Bluetooth Device type, read this blog on Bluetooth Device Types.
  • List of Bluetooth Profiles
    Bluetooth Profiles represents the list of compatible features provided by the Bluetooth Device. For further information on Bluetooth Profiles, read this blog on Bluetooth Profiles.
  • UUID
    UUID is a 16-Bit Universally Unique Identifier. This represents the list of services provided and the organization of the Bluetooth Device.
Instructions for using the Android Application – Bluetooth Devices Info.
  1. Download and install Bluetooth Devices Info from Google Play Store from this link
  2. Pair and connect the Bluetooth device to the smartphone.
  3. Open the Bluetooth Devices Info Android application.
  4. Select the Bluetooth device from the list of paired Bluetooth devices.
  5. Technical Information on the Bluetooth device is displayed.
  6. Make use of the share button to share the technical information.

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